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Minor Update 1.0.2 – Tricky Wrecked Platforms!

Hey friends! Our next minor update 1.0.2 is live and it brings even more shiny coins to collect! Also, today we introduce new and tricky – wrecked type of platforms with Magnet Power-Ups that are a bit harder to get as you will need to swoop down under the platforms and quickly jump out of…

50% Discount On Steam!

  Dear friends! First of all, Thank You for supporting us, we highly appreciate that! We just thought you might be interested to know that Joumee The Hedgehog game, is available at 50% discount price on Steam, right now! So, as it will last for only 7 days – hurry up to make it till the…

10000 Subscribers on Facebook!

We’re happy and a bit proud to announce that we just hit 10000 Subscribers on Facebook! A big Thank You from all of us in Joumee Game Development Team! Many Kisses and Hogs! 😊❤

Steam Achievements and Leaderboards Update is finally out!

We’re happy to announce that our next 1.0.1 update is live and it contains long awaited cool and shiny Steam Achievements for you to conquer and Leaderboards to check your rankings globally or among your friends! Full list of improvements: – 45 Steam Achievements added – Leaderboards – Different time of day (Darker environment) –…

Steam Achievements and Leaderboards soon!

Hey friends! We’re almost done with Steam Achievements and Leaderboards for you to check! Follow us to stay tuned and to not a miss the upcoming great update!

Everyone deserves a HOG!

Dear friends! We had many requests for downloadable videos of Joumee performing his irresistibly cute dance. So we’re happy to present you two versions: in high and a bit lower quality for you to choose! You can find them in DOWNLOADS section of our cozy web page! Download them to your computer, transfer to your smartphone…

Subscribe to Joumee on YouTube!

Hello friends! If you want to support Joumee and its creators – don’t forget to like our videos and subscribe to our channel on YouTube! You can do it by just clicking on the following image and agreeing to be subscribed to Joumee’s official YouTube channel!